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Patient Testimonials

Image of Iris Smith.

Dr. Myers was wonderful. I recommend him to everyone. When I first saw Dr. Myers, I couldn't walk. I was in a wheelchair due to a disc bulging in my spine on my sciatic nerve. Right after he performed surgery on me I was up and walking. I had no pain. It was awesome. I highly recommend Dr. Myers to perform your back surgery. He is amazing and will get the job done."

Iris Smith
Patient of Dr. Myers
Image of Melody Chase.

For me, I get to see Dr. Myers's work and how his surgeries are a success. I feel I can trust him more because I get to see how he treats his patients."

Melody Chase
On being a surgery patient after working at Bluegrass Spine Care:

Before surgery, to be honest, I was desperate from the pain. I couldn't take care of my own kids. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't dress myself. I couldn't bathe myself. I felt nonexistent. After Dr. Myers did the surgery, there is no pain. I feel like me again. I am happy again. I can dress myself. I put on makeup for the first time in ten months. It's a complete 360 and then some and a whole new world from where I was."

Joanna Wright
Patient of Dr. Myers

The surgery's treatin' me good. The pain I had that was killing me when I walked - I haven't got it now. I finally come out of it now, thanks to Dr. Myers. Now I can pretty well handle anything I got."

Fountain Rucker
Patient of Dr. Myers